The perfect gift for a TEEN!

The perfect gift for a TEEN!

Who else agrees teens can be hard to shop for? Unless they tell you exactly what they want, it is likely you will miss the mark in the gift giving department.  I think we all know what they REALLY want… gift cards or cash! My oldest daughter is nearing 13 (which I still cannot believe) and although I am sure she would be happy with a cute outfit, I pick out for her, for her birthday, I know she would prefer to shop for herself.

I am not opposed to giving gift cards, but I don’t feel like it is a very personalized gift and I love to put thought into my gift giving.  Finding the perfect gift brings me so much joy, and I love hunting for that special item. When I am stumped, a gift card is always a quick solution, but I like to add a little extra love and thoughtfulness in the presentation.  This is where the Birthday Note Box comes in!

The Birthday Note Box is a wooden box filled with 30 note cards.  20 of those cards have prompts for you to fill in. The other 10 are blank for you to get creative. So not only do the teens get the gift they want, ($$$) they get personalized birthday messages from you. Words of affirmation, memories, and thoughtful messages can make anyone smile and feel special. Fill the cards out and add them to the Birthdate Note Box.  Then add the cash or gift card.  There is also a little extra room for the teen’s favorite candy.  WOW, a personalized gift your teen will LOVE! There is a double feel good bonus here too… when giving a gift it should also bring YOU, the gift giver, happiness.  There is nothing better than making someone feel loved on their birthday.  So, do you have a teen with a birthday coming up this summer?  If so, I think you may have found the perfect gift!

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