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Our Mission

Star Kids Company creates toys and games that are both meaningful and playful. We desire to inspire children and to spark their curiosity and creativity. We strive to develop products that deliver positive messages and create lasting family memories. Natalie Ard is the creator, author, and illustrator of The Christmas Star From Afar® and The Easter Story Egg™. She is a wife and mother to three and has build the Star Kids Company on the foundation of creating inspirational, interactive games and toys that help children play with a purpose.

Hello Readers!

My name is Natalie Ard, creator of the Star From Afar® and the Story Egg™. I am a believer, a wife, and a mother to 3 amazing kids. Like most parents, I wish to create lasting memories for my kiddos. I strive to provide them tools they need to learn and grow. I hope to encourage them to be kind, compassionate and to live a life of faith. With that being said, I am very intentional about the toys and games I purchase for these precious little people.

Years ago, I was on the hunt for a family Christmas tradition. I was looking for an activity that was both meaningful and playful, something we could experience together as a family, and most importantly, something that celebrated the true meaning of Christmas. I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I decided to take matters into my own hands and create something for my kids. A couple years later and a lot of learning about how to turn an idea into a product…the Star From Afar® was born!

Christmas StarAs a child, my true passion was in art. Since starting Star Kids Company that passion has been brought back to life. I find so much joy in creating and it brings me immense happiness to share it with all of you! After watching families embrace the Star From Afar® tradition I knew they must be searching for a way to reconnect their children to the true meaning of Easter as well. I am so excited to introduce you to the Easter Story Egg™! I pray your family enjoys these activities as much as mine have and I hope to bring many more inspirational toys to you in the future.

Many Blessings,

Natalie Ard

Natalie Ard