End of Summer Nature Hikes

End of Summer Nature Hikes

Getting out in the fresh air and enjoying God’s beautiful creations is one of our favorite past times in the summer.  Since summer is coming to an end very quickly we plan to incorporate many hikes and walks in our daily adventures. Slather the kiddos up with bug spray, sun screen and good gym shoes. Then find a good trail that is suited for kids in your age group.  

Be sure to pack a first aid kit, water and snacks…you know you can never have too many snacks, and no one wants a hungry kiddo in the wild!  Make sure to check the weather before you venture out…because you don’t want your little one to get wet or uncomfortable in a bad weather situation.  Be sure to talk to your kids and set some boundaries before you head out.  For the littles it might be as easy, as “stay in mommy’s sight” whereas the olders might need a little more freedom to roam.  If you are letting them wander…. a whistle is a good idea just in case they get turned around and need a little help.  It is also a good idea talk about the plants that you do not want them to touch….cue--poison ivy, stinging nettle, hogweed, etc.… (googling plants to never touch is a great way to show them what they look like!)

Then head out on your adventure!  Most of all enjoy the journey and memories you are making with your kiddos. Channel your inner child and do not worry about how far you get, but focus on all the little fun you have along the way! Be sure to celebrate your hikers at the end….and hopefully that will make it more appealing when you want to venture out again.

If a hike is a little out of reach, going on a nature walk or animal/bird watch is a great way to get outside too.  Have the kiddos jot down or draw what they see in a notebook…. birds, trees, plants, animals, paw prints, the options are endless.  If you want to add a little research or reading skills, have the children check a guide book or other sources to find out more about their sightings.

No matter what you path you choose, enjoy the adventure and the time with the kiddos soaking in all of God’s beautiful creations!


Happy Hiking,

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