Meet Open Arms

Meet Open Arms

     When I first became a mother, I really struggled with the idea of someone else watching my child for me.  Although I desperately desired a break at times, I truly felt uneasy about others caring for my baby. Over time I became comfortable with childcare from grandparents, babysitters, and kid’s club at church. I began to realize how healthy it was for my child to have interactions with other caregivers and what a blessing it was to me to be able to leave my little one in the hands of another person to love on them.  What I didn’t realize is that this was a choice I got to make. It was a luxury for me to even have the option of childcare available to me. I think that is why to Open Arms to speaks to this mama’s heart.

     Imagine yourself as a mom (single or married) struggling to make ends meet.  Your only option is to work very long, hard days in order to feed your children and take care of their basic needs. To do this, you have no choice but to leave your kids alone, unsupervised at home or in the streets. There is no one there to feed them breakfast or bandage their boo-boos. Sometimes they feel abandoned and often they tuck themselves into bed at night. Here is the thing, you have no choice. You cannot afford to pay for childcare and your closest relatives are working just as hard as you are. This is your reality and the price you must pay to support the family you love so much. You pray to God every day that he watches over your precious children and keeps them safe from harm.

      This is where God steps in and answers prayers. Open Arms is a solution, a rescue, and a blessing to families of the La Mision and Camalu communities.  They offer a safe place for parents to take their kids during the day.  It’s a place that lets their mama’s rest assured that their babies are ok while they are gone.  Open Arms loves them, educates them, and nourishes their souls. These families get to see Jesus at work first hand and witness an amazing example of His love.

     From April through June 2019, Star Kids Company will be donating a portion of profits to Open Arms.  We hope to contribute funding to aid in the building of their 3rd campus in Los Pinos.  To find out more about Open Arms visit them at or check out the “Mission Partner” page on our website.


Matthew 19:14  - Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


Many Blessings,

Natalie Ard

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