Need some ideas?

Need some ideas?

Ever get these ideas (bursts of creativity) that you would like to do something extra to help magnify a scripture or really get your kids into a craft or something hands on, so that they can create and learn at the same time….and then find yourself in a creativity block?  Well here are some great websites and links with ideas that you can use to create some very cool Advent crafts.  It might even be the “treat” that is left with the star for the day.  How cool might your kids think it is to make a scripture ornament, or a crown like the Three Kings wore or a birthday cake to celebrate Jesus’ birthday?!?  That sounds pretty amazing to me….better than a little chocolate (which can be hard to beat!)  If you feel like you have hit that creative block, here are few websites that have endless ideas of “treats” and activities that you can do with your children to really enjoy the Advent season.

Scripture Ornaments…I think these are great, and I would personally make mine in the shape of a star

An endless variety of Advent activities…this was done for a school event, so if you are a teacher---school, preschool, Sunday school, home school…any kind of teacher, this is a great place to get ideas for Advent

She truly does have an ultimate list of activities for the Christmas season---seriously SO many great ideas

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