The Star From Afar™ as an Advent Calendar!

The Star From Afar™ as an Advent Calendar!

Advent calendars…many of you can remember those cardboard calendars with the little chocolate treat found behind the paper window each day.  So many little ones are so quick to grab that yummy piece of chocolate without more than a thought of what we are in anticipation of---Christ’s birth!   What a treat it is, when we can remind our children (and ourselves) what we are anticipating using an Advent calendar.  

One great perk when using The Star From Afar is that you are not limited to those little chocolate treats….the possibilities are endless.  You can choose to simply hide the star and have the “hide and seek” be the treat each day.  Others may choose to hide a special treat with the star each day---whether it is a little candy or a note with something special planned for that day; it’s fun to be surprised!  

Another great idea is to put the daily scripture verse (found in the book) with the star each day.  You can write it on a little slip of paper and roll it up like a scroll next to the star.  This way when your children find the star they also find the scripture verse.  (As mentioned, daily scripture verses around found in the back of the book but writing it on a little paper is a great way to have it ready and in hand to read without referring back to the book each day).  Or if you want to choose your own scripture verses, that is great too!  However your family chooses to play the game it is comforting to know, that while you and your family are enjoying a fin game and possibly sweet treat, you can also be treated with God’s word.

Happy Hiding and Seeking!

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