The flexibility of the Star From Afar®

The flexibility of the Star From Afar®

These days there are endless varieties of Advent calendars---from paper chocolate calendars to drawers with treats inside.  And although they are all different in style they are all counting down the same thing…the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Many Advent calendars have 25 windows or drawers, so they start on December 1st.  But the first day of Advent actually varies depending on the year.  With The Star From Afar, the design of the game allows your family to choose when to start your Christmas countdown—so whether you choose to start the day after Thanksgiving, December 1st or you wait a little longer…you have the flexibility to do what works best for your family. 

The game is so flexible in allowing you to choose when to start and how long to keep the game going.  You can also choose to set up the whole nativity, or to wait and put Baby Jesus in the manager on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.  And for some, The Three Kings may come on Christmas or your family may choose to wait and continue the game until the Epiphany, when some Christians believe they reached the stable.  No matter when you start your game or add in pieces….the best part is that at the center of it, rests the beautiful nativity scene which reminds us why we have the Christmas season.  So whenever your family chooses to start the game, you can celebrate the season knowing that you are keeping Christ at the center of Christmas.  An added bonus is at the end of the season, you get to save your game pieces and use them again next year!

Quick little history fact---Advent calendars actually started back in the 19th century by German Lutherans….but now many denominations of Christians use them to anticipate Christmas.  

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